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Raw Aliveness Exercise

This lesson is a part of an audio course Hack Your Brain, Access Your Aliveness by Dave Wolovsky

Before we start, let's pause again, take 1 deep breath, and sigh it out with an audible sound.

Then prime your attention by acknowledging what you're currently doing. Perhaps say to yourself, "I'm learning now."

In the previous lesson, we thought about the purpose of life, concluding that it's about feeling as alive as possible, about finding moments of Aliveness every day.

The masters who prioritize feeling alive, and learn how to access their Aliveness with ease, fill up their life energy reservoirs, which allow them to stay physically and mentally fit, connect with other people, and achieve their goals, all without suffering.

Becoming an Aliveness master requires changing your beliefs about the purpose of your life, which takes time.

But it begins by reminding yourself that, as long as your blood is still pumping, and you're still breathing, the feeling of Aliveness can come from any direction.

Let's transfer this idea into our body through a quick Aliveness exercise.

For this, hopefully, you're in a personal space, but if you did this in the middle of Times Square, especially during COVID, no one would notice.

First, stand up, raise your hands in the air, and sit back down. Go!

Pretty easy, right?

Now for the hard part. Do it 8 more times. BUT...

I'll count out the 8, and each time, I'll say a word or phrase. Repeat just the word or phrase after me as you stand up and raise your hands.

Now just a warning. It's going to get a little cheesy. I invite you to let the cheese drip all over you and mess up everything.

Get ready. Get set.

  1. "Today"
  2. "I"
  3. "Commit"
  4. "To"
  5. "Mastering"
  6. "Aliveness"
  7. "Today I commit"
  8. "To mastering Aliveness!"

Now sit back down and check the pulse in your wrist.

Take 3 deep breaths and feel that raw life energy pulsing through you.

Next time, we'll learn about a key principle of brain functioning that illuminates the path of Aliveness.

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Written by

Dave Wolovsky