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Awareness Meditation

Awareness is realizing that you are awareness. This is huge and so important to realize. This is the main part of identifying and overcoming your stress and internal suffering. Let’s start it off with an awareness meditation to step into this realization more. And like all things, the more you practice this, the better you will become at becoming pure awareness.

Awareness Meditation (Inspired by Deepak Chopra)

Close your eyes, bring your attention to your natural breath. Now notice the sounds around you. Notice your heartbeat – the pulsing, now notice the heartbeat pulsing in your fingertips. Now bring awareness to your whole body, noticing that this pulsing vibration is happening in every cell in your body – always changing, all of the time. Now bring your attention to your awareness so that you become aware of your awareness. Ask yourself the question. Who am I? Am I the ever-changing body? Or am I the awareness of the ever-changing body? Am I the ever-changing mind? Or am I the awareness of the ever-changing mind? Continue being aware of your awareness. Ask yourself, what do I want? Notice what comes naturally. Ask yourself, what is my purpose? Listen to what comes naturally. This is your soul. This is who you were born as, before the conditioning of your mind. Notice the mind is like the wind, and awareness is the space the wind blows through. It needs space to show that it is the wind, to express windiness. There is an identity that is formed. But space does not need wind in order to be space. You can be the wind, or you can be space. Continue being aware of your awareness. Be the space that your thoughts flow through.

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Eric Lundy