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Attributes of a Peaceful Attitude

Now, I want you to make a list of ten or more qualities that you identify with when you are in the zone, at the top of your game (go ahead, pause video).

When you are done, notice the foundation of these qualities is actually peace. Peace makes you powerful. Just by coming up with this list means that you know what these experiences feel like, which means you don’t need to learn how to become peaceful, you just need to choose peace more often, accentuating these qualities in your day to day life until they become part of your everyday experience. Also, I’m guessing these qualities line up in some way with your answer to “who would I be without these fears?”

Attributes of a Peaceful Attitude

When you operate from a peaceful attitude, you are more creative, curious, self-confident, energetic, open-minded, empathic, resilient, find joy in challenges, have more willingness to forgive, have trust in the process of life, have a disinterest in judging others, and feel a sense of wholeness.

How do these line up to the version of you without your fears? Pick some of these attributes that you want to strengthen in your life. Write them down, and next to them, write down some of your goals you are working towards. Connect the attributes that you think will help you reach your goals. Refer to this list often to remind yourself of how you want to be as you work towards your goals.

Awareness Tool to Start Rewiring Your Brain

Notice when you have a fearful or stressful thought, when you become anxious, pessimistic, angry, or anything that provokes a stress response. To practice this right now, bring up one of your stressful or fearful thoughts for a moment. Remember that you are the observer of your thoughts. You are loving awareness. Notice these thoughts and feelings as they are, without passing any judgment. Don’t believe the stressful thought. It is not reality. Tell yourself that you have the option to see peace instead of this. Shift your focus to a peaceful alternative. Feel your attitude shifting into this peaceful state. When you don’t believe a negative thought, it doesn’t turn into stress, anxiety, or depression. Know that you are not your negative thoughts and feelings. They come, and they pass. Let go of your mind, and become the medium on which your thoughts pass through. Just like the sky in which the clouds pass through.

In the next lesson, we’ll learn about the overview effect and the perspective it can bring through meditation.

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Eric Lundy