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Your Perception Is Not Always the Reality

In this lesson, you will learn how your thoughts are not always true and how you may not see the reality around any situation if you believe everything you think.

Now I know that a lot of people believe the opposite, perception is reality but if you could just stretch your mind during this lesson and listen to what I'm going to tell you, you will see why this can be a false statement.

Use examples with friends and dollar store. His perception was this friend was poor because they were shopping at the dollar store. When I pressed further how he knew, he could not come up with an answer besides "I just know". He didn't know this as a fact, it was his perception that they were in financial dire straits, but they're not. His perception was not reality. It was however HIS reality. He believed it to be true. What we believe to be true is our reality, but it doesn't make it the reality.

Can you think of a time in your life where you've jumped to a conclusion and you've been wrong? I can think of numerous times when I was convinced something was the way I perceived it to be, and it wasn't. How about you? And going back to lesson 1 and the self-coaching model, do you now see how you let your thoughts create a feeling and an action that was unnecessary? In the situation I just talked about, my friend truly felt bad for this person, he admitted it made him sad to think about and his action which came from his feeling was telling me about it. Not sure who else he told... It could have resulted in a bunch of people who believed something that wasn't true.

Understand now why your perception is not always the reality. It's your reality because it's what you believe. But, it may not be the reality.

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Annette Quarrier