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The Story We Tell Ourselves Matters

In this lesson, you are going to uncover the story you are telling yourself and others and how that story affects your whole life. And, you will learn you can change your story, you can actually change the story of your past to benefit yourself now, and in your future.

Homework upfront-write your story. Include anything you want—it's your story—there's no right or wrong way to do this exercise. Why do this? The story you tell about yourself—to yourself and others—matters. Your story is very important to who you are now. Use personal experience. People tell you the same story over and over and over again and it's not a pleasant one either. Maybe you are one of those people. Now that I know we can rewrite our story at any time, I'm always amazed how people will constantly retell a story that is upsetting to them. If you had a traumatic experience in your life, why keep telling it? Also how we introduce ourselves also gives us a glimpse into who we are and the story we tell ourselves and others. Business conference example with divorced woman introducing herself.

What is your story? What part of your story makes you happy and what part makes you sad? Are there parts or even chapters of your story you want to rewrite? Go ahead and do it. It's your story—you can write and tell it any way you want to. Remember: your life is your story, write well and edit often!

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Annette Quarrier