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Mantras: Self-Talk for Success

Your thoughts control your actions, and your actions affect everything in your life. Your personality and your emotions are largely controlled by the patterns of your thoughts. “I like this, I don’t like that.” “I’m good at this, I’m bad at that.” These thoughts become self-fulfilling, and ideally they would be as positive and strong as possible. Success leads to positive thoughts which in turn lead to more success, and the same for failure.

So how can we change our thoughts, improving them in order to make our lives, our actions, our habits, and our results more successful? The answer lies in the things we say to ourselves, sometimes called self-talk or affirmations – or mantras.

This course collects together all of the best mantras in order to help you improve your thought patterns in all areas of your life. All you have to do is repeat them regularly until your brain has internalized them. If you want to increase your self-belief, feel more positive about the future, be better at making things happen, or be calmer and more in control, then this course has the mantras that you need.

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