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There’s an old adage that states: If you’re trying to sell to everyone, you’re selling to no one. The same holds true with your brand message and marketing materials. One of the most important skills you can acquire as an entrepreneur, salesperson, or marketer is that of empathy. This is the ability to fully understand who your ideal customers are, how to reach them, what their life is like, the pains they face, the struggles they endure, and the dreams that they have. Using this intelligence will allow you to be more effective at sales, marketing, and business ownership.

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Andrew Alexander is an internet entrepreneur who built a digital magazine publishing company from zero to 1.3 million readers. After this successful venture, he traveled the world to learn from some of the leading experts in influence, psychology, marketing, sales, and human behavior. He used this knowledge and experience to help tens of thousands of people make quick and lasting changes in their lives.