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The Ex-Factor: How to Change Your Life Using "Ex" Words

The Ex-Factor Course reminds you that you are the factoring component needed to change your life and accomplish your goals and dreams by using words that start with "ex."

You will learn each word's etymology and receive different angles on how you can use each word to manifest what you desire when you speak them, think them, and hear them.

The Ex-Factor Course also includes teaching guidance from Angelica's signature program Higher Connections & Communications, which helps you to reprogram yourself to receive your manifestations by also remembering the powers, connections, and freedom you were born with to do it.

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Created by Angelica Stevenson
20 lessons
1h 54m
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Angelica Stevenson is a poet, writer, mother, wife, author, speaker, podcaster, and creator of The Higher Connections & Communications Program and the Universal Living Course now playing on

Angelica made a vow to help others with her writings in the sixth grade after her introduction to poetry. With her gifts, talents, powers, and expertise, she helps people remember the powers, connections, and freedom that they were born with to change their own lives and to walk in their own Soul's Purpose to fulfill and complete their Life's Missions with the gifts, the talents, and the powers that they were born with too!