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How Sleep Works

This course talks about how sleep works. We'll talk about the less discussed ideas of the circadian rhythm, the different pieces of sleep, and what they all do including the lymphatic system and hippocampus reverberation (you'll hear other fun words like those too).

We'll talk about what happens when you don't sleep, different factors that can disrupt your sleep, and of course, how to sleep better.

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Created by Mashnoor Kabir
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I'm Mashnoor Kabir, a podcaster and a curious mind. That curious mind had questions about sleep, and I spent multiple months reading over 200 research papers informing myself on sleep. Sleep affects all of us, and after researching it I felt more people needed to know that sleep is a non-negotiable aspect of life and we shouldn't be so quick to throw it away because spoiler alert, losing sleep does not make you more productive.