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How to Optimize Your Health and Fitness

A well-rounded approach to health and fitness can be divided into 4 categories: sleep, diet, exercise, and stress management. Each of these categories can be broken down even further into smaller topics, each of which come with their own issues and problems that people can experience in their day to day living. By addressing the "bigger" problems within each larger category (exercise: should I strength train or perform cardio?), listeners can begin to piece together how to create better behaviors in order to start seeing results with their health and fitness. From here, learning and appreciating how each category can negatively affect other categories (ex: bad sleep makes you overeat), we can start to create small changes that create lasting results.

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I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist with over 12 years of experience training clients from all walks of life. I co-own a personal training facility, GRIT Fitness and Performance, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey where we train everyone from mothers looking to get back in shape, all the way to professional athletes.