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Peace of Mind: How to Increase Happiness and Decrease Stress in Your Life

Do you want more peace in your life but don't know how to make it happen? Are you tired of feeling like everything is out of your control? Do you want to learn how to enjoy your life more?

This course will teach you in 7 simple lessons what you can do to increase your happiness and decrease the stress you feel each and every day. We are discovering more about the importance of a healthy mindset, and the lessons in this course will help you understand you do have control over how you feel. Take the first step towards better mental health and listen today.

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Created by Annette Quarrier
7 lessons
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I am a Certified Life Coach through the Martha Beck Institute. As a Life and Healthy Mindset Coach, I help busy professionals achieve true fulfillment in their lives by learning tools which will leave overwhelm in their past, increase their confidence and obtain more balance in their lives.

My Podcast (Mind Yoga Quick Quotes with AnnetteQ) helps people understand their mental health is just as important as their physical health. My book Mind Yoga: Make Your Mental Health Stronger One Thought at a Time is available on Amazon.