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How to Grow Real Loving Relationships, Confidence & Success

Image Description D Grant Smith
10 lessons
1h 15m

The real secret to living a fulfilling life is having healthy relationships, confidence, personal and professional endeavors. But how does that work? In this course, you'll learn how your inner world creates your experiences and relationships. You'll gain a new concept of personal growth called Growth Farming to transform your life and relationships by treating your heart and mind like a garden. Discover the power of growing Love from within to dramatically impact your self-worth, confidence, relationships, and professional success.

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Boundaries for Successful Relationships

Image Description Leah Johnson
7 lessons

In this course, we discuss the significance of boundaries, how to establish and reinforce them, and the benefits they can create in your relationships. We will also look at the boundaries vs. barriers, and how boundaries can be frustrating sometimes.

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Secrets to Making Intimacy More Pleasurable

Image Description Alexandra Stockwell MD
8 lessons

Looking for more intimacy, more pleasure, and more joy in your relationship? No matter how long you have been together, the eight lessons in this course will change your life! Understanding the common blocks to intimacy, coupled with learning straightforward, actionable tools will gently guide you to a deep, meaningful connection with your partner. This engaging course is the manual you always wished you had in order to feel emotionally connected, sensually alive, and erotically intimate with your partner.

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The Healthy Family vs. the Dysfunctional Family

Image Description Anthony Dallmann-Jones, PhD
12 lessons

What is "family"? What is a "healthy family" compared to a "dysfunctional family"? The course will describe the 8 characteristics that separate these two. It will help you both clearly understand your family AND what you need to do to fix your family from now on…if it needs it. Are you concerned about how your family of origin shaped you? Do you wonder if your current family is the best it can be for you and your children? Clear answers await. There is hope no matter how far down your family has gone. Or perhaps you just want to fine tune your family. Help is herein.

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